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Porsche and Jenny Wu Talk Pioneering Design

In the newest installment in their "Powered by Design" series, Porsche joins architect and designer Jenny Wu in her Los Angeles studio to discuss 3-D printing's potential to shake up the industry.


Good design transcends time. Because great design is the cornerstone of pieces that become instant classics. Whether it’s a favorite product that you’ll keep forever or a building that defines a community, when design is the foremost consideration for a production, the results are always timeless. And behind every great design, product or structure, there lies a story of a maker. These are the visionaries who use design as the fuel to bring their visions to life.

In “Powered by Design,” Dwell and Porsche seek to champion the makers and creators who weave good design into everything that they do. From the hands that craft the pieces to the innovative technologies and processes that make a dream a reality, these visionaries are creating pieces that will continue to withstand the tests of time.

“Powered by Design” is a celebration of four visionaries who never settle, always see the opportunity to create something long lasting, and continue to acknowledge design as the backbone of superior products.