Road to the launch of LACE:  prototyping, events, and new designs

LACE "Celebration of Women" Series - Sharon Oyler

I'm very excited to launch LACE's "Celebration of Women" series on Mother's Day with Sharon Oyler, mother of my partner Dwayne Oyler.  In the year and a half since the collection has launched, I have met so many amazing women who have worn my pieces.  As a way of giving back to the community, I want to feature some of these women who have set their own standards of beauty and grace through their own self expression, personality, and strength of character.  I asked each of them to define beauty for us so that we might gain some insight into these incredible women.

Sharon Oyler

"There are no standards for beauty.  To me, beauty is a delicate combination of humility, compassion, and acceptance of all - to the point that everyone feels important.  My goal in life is to be that kind of a person every day." - Sharon Oyler

Sharon is wearing Ansa earrings and Centri earrings in sterling silver.  Shirt by Rag and Bone. 

Photography by Hans Koesters. Hair by Leticia Llesmin.