Road to the launch of LACE:  prototyping, events, and new designs

Now Introducing The Amare Diamond Ring

Several months ago, we received a request from a client who loved the Amare ring and wanted to have it as a diamond wedding ring. We have been wanting to introduce diamonds to our pieces for some time so it gave us a great excuse to work on it!  Working with our local setter for the past 2 months (as all of our precious metal pieces are produced in DTLA), we are now pleased to introduce the Amare Diamond Ring to our website. We set one of the twisting band with approx. 30 small, round, brilliant cut diamonds (= .5 carat total weight) to highlight the interlocking design of the Amare ring.  The ring is available in Platinum, 18K White Gold and Sterling Silver and includes a custom milled wood display case.  We have already produced them in all three materials and happy to announce that there have been several successful proposals with them! 

Currently in prototyping stage: We are working on a matching wedding band that will nest into this wedding ring as well as a diamond ring with both twisting bands set with diamonds.  Stay tuned...  

Amare Diamond Ring
from 1,900.00


Sterling Silver, 18K White Gold, Platinum

Dimensions: 0.75" x 1" x 0.475"

Diamond Setting Options: 

Single line = approx. total weight of 0.5 carat round brilliant diamonds

Double lines = approx. total weight of 1 carat round brilliant diamonds