"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something LACE"

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A departure from tradition, the LACE by Jenny Wu wedding collection reinvents the classic symbol of timeless love.



Made for you

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Partnership Collection

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Amare Engagement Ring

Express your unique love with this one of a kind engagement ring. This exquisite design takes two lines, travelling side by side, and ultimately weaves them together in a perfectly balanced knot. Step out of the box and symbolize your love with the Amare ring.







Sera Wedding Band & Amare Engagement Ring  

The design of wedding rings has not evolved with time, but the modern day relationship has - why not let your rings express that. Our focus is on the design of each piece to create meaning. The Sera wedding band is placed on the ring finger first, with the Amare engagement ring nested on top. Both rings stand beautifully on their own, but together become an embodiment of true love.






Amos & Amor Wedding Bands

LACE celebrates love and union for all.