The LACE Touch

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"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something LACE"  

A departure from tradition, the LACE by Jenny Wu wedding collection reinvents the classic symbol of timeless love. Our digitally crafted pieces are designed with intention, meaning and expression. Made to order, our rings carry the detail and precision that only 3D printing technology can accomplish. Finished off with expert hand polishing and stone setting by our local artisans in downtown Los Angeles. Rings are packaged in our custom designed CNC milled cherry wood pedestals - the finishing touch to your perfect moment.   

Amare Engagement Ring & Sera Wedding Band

Express your unique love with this one of a kind engagement ring. This exquisite design creates a loose knot from two bands that merge at the back to form a single line.

The Sera wedding band is designed to create the perfect fit on top of the Amare engagement ring. Both rings stand beautifully on their own, but together they elegantly become a single statement. 

Amor & Amos Wedding Bands

LACE celebrates love and union for all. A light and bold set of our Amor and Amos bands have been created for our Partnership Collection. Just like our Amare and Sera rings, the Amor and Amos bands can be paired as a single unit or worn separately. Celebrate and unify your love with our unique designs from the Partnership Collection.

All of our pieces can be customized with your choice of precious metal and/or diamonds. 

Amare engagement ring with Sera wedding band

Amare engagement ring with Sera wedding band

LACE Ethics

LACE is committed to maintaining an ethical practice, from the sourcing of conflict free diamonds, to our recycled precious metals, as well as supporting local jewelry craftsmen in Downtown Los Angeles. Each LACE ring is handled with the highest standard of ethics and care in mind. This is done by purchasing and manufacturing only using reliable trusted sources. Our wood ring pedestals are designed and fabricated in our own studio.  

Jacques & Chiara's Wedding photos by Emily Magers

Jacques & Chiara's Wedding photos by Emily Magers